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Notation based on the "Specified Commercial Transaction Act"

meeth Co.,Ltd.
Park Sunmin
Zip code: 107-0062 Location: #101 La Tor minamiaoyama 3-8-7 Minamiaoyama, Minato-ku, Tokyo-to,Japan
Telephone number
Email address
For customers who request overseas shipping
Customs duties could be imposed according to the country to be shipped. In such case, please note that the customs duties must be paid by the customer.
We cannot answer questions relating to customs duties and customs clearance fee as they are not finalized before and after shipment.
We ask that you may pay customs duties and customs clearance fee searching them in advance.
Ordering method
Please click the "Add to Cart" button after choosing products and your desired quantity. Please complete your order on the website filling out the necessary information, such as your payment method and shipping address.
Payment method
Credit card payment,ALIPAY, WECHATPAY
Payment due date
ALYPAY, WECHATPAY: At the completion of order Credit card payment, Changes according to the credit card company
Delivery time
- From order to shipment: After 2 business days at the shortest
- From shipment to delivery: 3 to 20 business days
* The estimated time of delivery may vary due to weather, delivery area, delivery method, and other circumstances.
About cancellation, return, or exchange

The customer may not cancel orders at its convenience.

Return due date

In principle, the customer may not return products at its convenience. However, we accept product returns limited to the case when the returned product is defective, or a wrong product is delivered due to misdelivery, and such contact was made within five days after the arrival of the product.

Return shipping fee

We bear all shipping of defective products and misdelivery of products.